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How To Get Rid of Fungal Nails - Treatments & Tips from Dr. Suzanne Levine of Institute Beaute New York

How To Get Rid of Fungal Nails with Dr. Suzanne Levine – Treatments & Tips

It’s a beautiful July 4th weekend. You’re on the beach with friends walking on the warm sand, but you don’t want to take your shoes off. You finally do, revealing—thick, yellow, flaking nails. What is with them? You call the Institute Beaute to see...

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Dr. Suzanne Levine New Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy at Institute Beaute, New York

Dr. Suzanne Levine – New Treatment For Peripheral Neuropathy at Institute Beauté, New York

Severe recurrent burning pain on the soles of the feet. Insensitivity of the feet to hot or cold. Unnoticed injures on the feet. These are some of the manifestations of “peripheral neuropathy.” Peripheral neuropathy includes a very wide range of causes, manifestations, symptoms, and...

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