Summary of Chapter 13

Plant thy foot firmly in the prints, which His foot has made before thee.– Joseph Barber Lightfoot

My Feet Are Killing Me by Celebrity Podiatrist, Dr. Suzanne Levine


Even in her 80s, she loved to tango and told me, “As long as I can wear heels, I’ll always feel young.” Unfortunately, calluses threatened to stand between Charlotte, her heels, and her ability to feel much younger than her years.

A callus is an abnormal amount of dead, thickened skin that builds up on an area like the bottom of your feet. They can be yellowish-red in color and they don’t feel like the rest of the skin on your soles. Primary locations include the ball of the foot (usually under the second metatarsal) and the end of your heel. Calluses don’t look pretty or feel soft to the touch, but they’re actually there to help. Your body produces them as protection to cushion underlying bone from pressure at points where there is little fat or natural padding. This may happen more as you age, since the fat pads on your feet tend to lose their plumpness.

In this chapter of My Feet Are Killing Me Dr. Levine discusses:

  • What is a callus?
  • What causes calluses?
  • Can calluses be mistaken for something else?
  • If calluses aren’t a problem, why are they sometimes painful?
  • How does a pain-free callus suddenly become painful?
  • How do you break the bad callus cycle?
  • Over-the-counter Callus Creams
  • Do not try this at home
  • I can’t dream these things up – Fish Pedicures
  • Your At-Home Callus Solution
  • Real Patient Recap: Dr. Levine helps Charlotte tango in style to the very end of her elegant and inspired life.

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