Dr. Suzanne Levine Featured on The Doctor Oz Show

Getting Past Foot Pain With Dr. Suzanne Levine's Home Foot Remedies & Foot Facial Treatment

Dr. Suzanne Levine Featured on The Doctor Oz Show

Dr. Suzanne Levine, Board Certified New York City Podiatrist on The Doctor Oz Show

Dr. Suzanne Levine, New York City’s Top Podiatrist of Institute Beaute, was recently featured on The Doctor Oz Show. She and Doctor Oz went over some common foot problems that many of us experience everyday. We often forget that feet help our bodies stay balanced, and that gravity is the main culprit on why we are subject to ongoing foot pain. Constant weight bearing down on your feet will often lead to a number of foot health problems in the long run.

It’s how one takes care of his or her feet that will be a revealing factor to whether he or she will experience pain free feet or be screaming “My Feet Are Killing Me” at the end of a busy work day. Dr. Suzanne Levine offers some very useful home foot remedies with Doctor Oz, which people can try in the comfort of their own homes to help alleviate discomfort with their feet.

One remedy to help you get past your foot pain is to try Dr. Suzanne Levine’s simple DIY Exfoliating Foot Facial, 2-3 times per week to help prevent and remove calluses and dead skin cells. It’s very easy to do at home. In a bowl mix some olive oil, sugar, salt, and lemon, and be on your way to softer, fresher and more relaxed feet. Then massage the ingredients into the bottoms of your feet starting underneath your toes while working the pressure down along your arches and back to your heels. Or if you would like to visit Dr. Suzanne Levine at her New York City Institute Beaute for the her signature Foot Facial Treatment, you’ll enjoy a five-step, 45 minute foot treatment that has been featured on Extra and Access Hollywood. More importantly, your feet will thank you for it while feeling softer and more youthful.

Check out the video of Dr. Suzanne Levine on Doctor Oz along with her new book, “My Feet Are Killing Me,” which was mentioned towards the end of The Doctor Oz Show as a great read for healthy foot tips on helping you get past those common foot ailments and excruciating foot pain.

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