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People come from, at times, as far as 3000 miles away to tap into Dr. Levine’s extraordinary abilities as an award winning and widely respected podiatrist in her field. Being a person who had to undergo surgery after surgery and wear corrective devices as a child and young girl – she has a deep seeded and passionate drive to help as many people as she can get the relief and comfort in life they both desire and need. And to keep learning as well as pushing the envelope of what tools and treatments being used today.

It is the inspiration behind her book. To be the ‘go-to’ resource for this sort of information. As well as a motivating factor in launching this website … To create an online resource for ongoing learning, information, tips, and advice pulled from the latest and most cutting edge techniques and discoveries on the forefront of the field of podiatry today with a twist – a whole section of the site inspired by and dedicated to you! And shared with the community at large.

All are welcome to participate. If you struggling to find answers and/or the right treatment for your situation/condition we encourage you to reach out. You never know who you might help by simply asking for help. Even if your question is, “Is it true you are a designer shoe addict?”

FYI, the answer is “Yes.”

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