Beach Modern Luxury – Q&A with Dr. Suzanne Levine, New York

Dr. Suzanne Levine, Institute Beaute New York - Beach Modern Living

Beach Modern Luxury – Q&A with Dr. Suzanne Levine, New York

About This Article: Dr. Suzanne Levine of Institute Beauté, New York speaks with Beach Modern Luxury about her practice, her books, her revolutionary products, brave new world of treatments & techniques, and being voted one of America’s Top Podiatrists for the 4th of July ‘Hamptons’ issue.


Q:  Dr. Levine, you have been named one of America’s top Podiatrists by the Consumer’s Research Council of America – how long have you been practicing and what is most rewarding about your practice?

A: I’m a board certified podiatric surgeon on the Upper East Side in Manhattan and I’ve been in practice for over 28 years. What’s most rewarding about my practice is that I treat everyone from celebrities to the nurse who works at the hospital and is constantly on her feet. What makes my practice interesting is that these are women who are into fashion, interested in wearing attractive heels and have the same challenges as everyone else. I give them the opportunity to wear high heels with my cutting edge, futuristic treatments I consider the “brave new world” of foot care.

Q: You are one of the most acclaimed and influential podiatrists internationally as well. What sets you apart from the rest of the crowd?

A: My patients need to work, they need to fly, they need to travel and are constantly on the go. The treatments I’ve introduced wither cut the healing time or allow my patients to avoid surgery. My number one procedure right now I call “the Lube Job” – this is for my patients whose feet and toes are in pain, whether they are wearing high heels or playing tennis, golf, etc. By injecting hyaluronic acid into the afflicted joints, I relieve the pain and it’s much easier for them to continue enjoying their activities. My goal is to have every patient feel their best and return to their favorite pair of shoes as soon as possible – even if they’re stilettos!

Q: Tell us about your world- renowned “Pillows for Your Feet” line.

A: That is my signature treatment! When you lose cushioning under the balls of your feet, we replace it with a biodegradable filler material. The procedure is not painful because we numb the skin first. People can exercise and wear fashionable shoes and no longer feel that burning pain on the balls of their feet. Between my Pillows For Your Feet products, Stiletto Rx Spray (which numbs your feet for those long nights in heels), and my Dr. Levine Foot Facial, I cover all aspects of foot care. I’ve developed an iPhone app to exercise the 38 muscles in your feet. It’s called the Uplift App, and it gives you certain exercises to do if you tend to cramp up a lot.

Q: To celebrate your new book “My Feet Are Killing Me,” you are having a signing here in the Hamptons; why the Hamptons?

A: Yes! We are doing it in the Hamptons because this is the time that people are on the beach, showing their feet and we want to make them look as good as possible. Shoes are the ultimate equalizer – people will spend $4000 on a pair of shoes and not think about their feet. My job is to think in terms of foot function and then aesthetics; one of the most intriguing chapters in my book is on celebrities, who face the same problems as we do! I can tell a patient who comes in with Louboutins that she might really need Prada for a better fit but it’s not about brand, it’s all about what fits your feet and makes you feel fabulous!

Q:What do you recommend to our readers who are out in the Hamptons now?

A: The most important thing is to use sun block when you’re exposing your feet. Flip flops are great – for the beach! Otherwise, I say “cover up”. You should really try to minimize sun exposure and look for sandals that cover your feet. Moisturize and use Dr. Levine’s Foot Facial products and treatment. My mantra is to “treat your feet as you would your face,” and our “brave new world” treatments allow my patients to put their best foot forward!


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