Dr. Suzanne Levine – New Treatment For Peripheral Neuropathy at Institute Beauté, New York

Dr. Suzanne Levine New Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy at Institute Beaute, New York

Dr. Suzanne Levine – New Treatment For Peripheral Neuropathy at Institute Beauté, New York

Severe recurrent burning pain on the soles of the feet. Insensitivity of the feet to hot or cold. Unnoticed injures on the feet. These are some of the manifestations of “peripheral neuropathy.” Peripheral neuropathy includes a very wide range of causes, manifestations, symptoms, and prognoses. Some of the more common causes are: diabetes, chemotherapy, alcoholism, and vitamin deficiencies.

At the Institute Beaute on New York City’s Park Avenue in Manhattan, Dr. Suzanne Levine, celebrated New York podiatrist, is treating more patients with this condition. Most of Dr. Levine’s patients come from the New York area, but a substantial number of patients come from around the country and the world.

The most common cause of peripheral neuropathy in Dr. Levine’s patient is as a side effect of chemotherapy. The wonder drugs that keep the cancer at bay and prolong patient’s lives are not a panacea. There are many tradeoffs, and one of these is peripheral neuropathy.

Dr. Suzanne Levine published a paper in, “Practical Pain Management,” showing that low power near infrared light can decrease musculoskeletal pain. Dr. Levine has adapted her signature treatment for musculoskeletal pain to help ameliorate this devastating side effect of chemotherapy. While the number of patients treated for peripheral nerve pain is not large, results have been encouraging. The treatment takes only about 15 minutes and is painless and essentially risk free. Multiple treatments may be required for maximal benefit and are usually performed a few days apart.

The treatment probably does not affect the underlying peripheral neuropathy, but decreasing the symptoms is worth the small amount of time and cost.

This procedure is not covered by insurance and Dr. Levine has provided compassionate care to patients who cannot afford treatment. Why is this simple procedure not covered by insurance is a question that warrants further examination.

As far as we know Dr. Suzanne Levine and her New York office, Institute Beaute, is the only place that provides infrared treatment for peripheral neuropathy. If her success with this treatment continues, we intend on reviewing all the cases and posting the results to make everyone aware and hopefully increasing the availability of this treatment.

If you would like to set up an appointment with Dr. Suzanne Levine at Institute Beaute in New York please visit www.institutebeaute.com.

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