Plantar Warts

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My Feet Are Killing Me by Celebrity Podiatrist, Dr. Suzanne Levine

Plantar Warts

Warts are abnormal skin growths that can appear anywhere on your skin or mucous membranes and can often be painful on surfaces such as the soles of your feet, which bear your weight. A wart on the bottom of your foot is called a plantar wart because “plantar” refers to the sole of your foot. They are more common on the weight-bearing areas of the foot, like the ball and the heel and the pressure on these spots can cause a plantar wart to be flat or grow into your foot.

These bumpy, spongy, sometimes thickened scaly lesions are actually benign tumors. The scientific name for warts is “verruca.” Though some plantar warts are painless, others can make it feel like you have a small rock in your shoe and hurt when you’re standing or walking.

Sometimes overlying corns and calluses can disguise a plantar wart. To see if you’ve got a plantar wart, squeeze the lesion, putting a side-to-side pressure on it. If it’s a plantar wart, this will hurt; if it’s a corn or a callus, the pressure won’t be as painful. Another simple test for identifying a wart is to carefully and superficially scrape the topmost layer of the lesion. If you see tiny, dark spots resembling dried up blood, you are probably looking at tiny blood vessels and/or tiny areas of recent bleeding, a typical characteristic of warts. Plantar warts can bleed profusely because of the presence of these tiny vessels, so be careful when you scrape yours.

In this chapter of My Feet Are Killing Me Dr. Levine discusses:

  • What is a plantar wart?
  • What causes plantar warts?
  • Types of Plantar Warts
  • How do you get rid of plantar warts?
  • Dr. Levine’s Don’ts
  • Real Patient Recap: Dr. Levine wields a mighty laser upon a young teen’s plantar warts and gives the girl her esteem back.

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