My Feet Are Killing Me – eBook


My Feet Are Killing Me – eBook for iPads & Tablets

My Feet Are Killing Me – eBook

My Feet Are Killing Me is the ‘go-to’ resource for good foot health, cutting edge treatments and shoe shopping for the designer shoe and stiletto heel lover written by Celebrity Podiatrist & Inventor, Dr. Suzanne Levine and Co-Author, Dr. Everett Lautin. – Apple iBook, Amazon Kindle & Nook Tablet formats.

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Product Description

My Feet Are Killing Me, The Expanded 2nd Edition contains the latest treatments, discoveries, foot care advice, self care tips & exercises that are currently available to anyone with a foot condition or foot related pain. It is the ‘go-to’ resource for good foot health and for fashion forward women who have a deep love (if not addiction) to wearing stiletto heels and designer shoes . . . but without the pain. Written by Celebrity Podiatrist and Inventor of Pillows For Your Feet, Dr. Suzanne Levine – this book serves the purpose of educating and equipping people with everything they need to know to be able to walk through life without being in pain – It doesn’t have to be that way. And, you can look good doing it too!

Topics Covered in My Feet Are Killing Me:

  • Chronic illness & your feet including chronic lyme disease, RSD, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome & more
  • An anti-aging food program – turn back the hands of time on your soles
  • Fitness & your feet
  • Pregnancy & your feet
  • Simple ways to alleviate foot pain
  • At-home foot pampering
  • Cutting-edge procedures – including lasers, fillers, & Botox – for common foot issues like bunions, calluses, corns, nail fungus & more
  • Shoe shopping 101 – yes, you can find gorgeous, comfortable shoes that don’t kill your feet
  • Food & your feet – how diet affects your soles
  • What celebrities feet say about them
  • The best and worst celebrity feet

iBook – $14.99 Kindle – $14.99 Nook – $10.49


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