Stress Fractures & Shin Splints

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My Feet Are Killing Me by Celebrity Podiatrist, Dr. Suzanne Levine

Stress Fractures & Shin Splints

Foot and ankle stress fractures are overuse injuries where you have a tiny crack or incipient fracture in the bone (The crack is usually hairline thin.) Activities like running, tennis, dancing, basketball, and other high-impact sports are often the cause of these injuries especially when you do them often, for long periods of time, and/or at a high intensity because they put repetitive stress on your bones. This stress causes cracks, which eventually become stress fractures, especially if the bones don’t have enough time to recover from the force placed upon them.

Stress fractures are also more common in sedentary people who suddenly take part in an intense workout.

You are more prone to stress fractures if your bones are weak from osteopenia or osteoporosis, have flat feet or high arches, and are a woman with an abnormal menstrual cycle. The foot’s second and third metatarsals, the heel, the outer bone of the lower leg, the shin bone, and the bone on top of the midfoot are the most common spots for stress fractures because these areas bear a lot of weight, especially during high-impact activities. Symptoms include pain that’s barely noticeable at first and then all of a sudden gets worse, pain that gets worse during activity but gets better after rest, swelling of the foot or ankle, bruising, and sensitivity/tenderness to touch.

In this chapter of My Feet Are Killing Me Dr. Levine shows you how to employ your anatomy the way it was intended, without adding insult to injury:

  • How do you treat stress fractures?
  • How can you prevent a stress fracture?
  • What is a shin splint?
  • What causes shin splints?
  • How do you treat shin splints?
  • How do prevent shin splints?
  • Real Patient Recap: Dr. Levine helps a female marathon runner with personal issues stand on her own two feet again!

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