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List of Chapters & Sections of My Feet Are Killing Me 2014

My Feet Are Killing Me by Celebrity Podiatrist, Dr. Suzanne Levine

Table of Contents:

Welcome to the My Feet Are Killing Me 2014 Table of Contents. Below you will find a list of the different sections of Dr. Suzanne Levine & Dr. Everett Lautin’s ‘Go-to’ resource for the latest & most current information about good foot health, advancements in podiatry & treatments available to people like you.

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Part 1: The First Step

Chapter 1:

Part 2: Foot Conditions A to Z (Well, A to S)

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Chapter 6:
Chapter 7:
Chapter 8:
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Chapter 22:
Chapter 23:

Part 3: Your Lifestyle and Your Feet

Chapter 24:
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Chapter 31:
Chapter 32:
Chapter 33:
Appendix I
Appendix II
Appendix III
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